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Discover comprehensive information about methods of eyeliner tattoo removal, including their effectiveness, mechanisms, potential risks, costs, and other essential details.

Permanent eyeliner is a long-lasting solution for those who enjoy wearing precise eyeliner but dislike the need to reapply it daily. It can create various looks that remain intact for several years or even longer, which is advantageous if you are satisfied with your eyeliner tattoo.

However, there are instances where the PMU blessing can have negative consequences, and simply waiting for it to diminish is not a viable solution.

If you have an eyeliner tattoo that you no longer want or need to correct, eyeliner tattoo removal might be something you are considering. 

Can you remove eyeliner tattoos?

Permanent eyeliner removal is a viable option.

It requires time, patience, and a significant amount of money.

To remove PM pigments, a series of treatments are necessary to lighten them until they become invisible gradually.

Multiple options are available for tattoo removal, including complete removal, correction of any pigment movement, or removal of specific areas, such as a thick-winged eyeliner tattoo. 

Instructions on how to remove permanent eyeliner

Commonly used eyeliner tattoo removal methods have been proven effective.

  • Laser removal
  • Saline removal

The treatments are performed by removal technicians who are certified professionals.

Both of these methods involve piercing the skin, although they differ in their approach, and multiple sessions (2-10 sessions, spaced 6-8 weeks apart) are needed for effective eyeliner tattoo removal. 

Can permanent eyeliner be removed at home?

There is currently no effective method for removing eyeliner tattoos at home.

To help fade your eyeliner, you can exfoliate regularly or use skincare products containing ingredients such as Retinol, known for fading pigments. Exposure to sunlight, salt, or pool water can also speed up fading of pigment.

These methods can lighten the eyeliner tattoo but will not altogether remove it. 

Remove eyeliner tattoo with laser

The laser method is the oldest technique for tattoo removal and can also be utilised for removing permanent makeup.

How Does It Work?

The laser beam penetrates the skin and targets the PMU pigments, utilising light energy to break down pigment molecules into smaller particles that can be carried away by white blood cells. The pigments are then extracted from within. During each session, the laser breaks down pigment molecules, gradually fading. To prevent skin damage, the process must be done slowly.

Is It Efficient?

Laser eyeliner tattoo removal is highly effective for removing black and deep brown pigments commonly used for eyeliner PMU, although it does require time and patience. The number of sessions required for complete removal can vary, depending on factors such as the saturation and formula of the pigments in the skin and the injection depth. It may take up to 8 sessions or more.

Is It Safe?

Typically, yes, if the removal technician is skilled in their work.

Specific laser devices may not be suitable for use on the delicate skin of the eyelids, and not all lasers are safe for use on darker skin tones due to the potential risks of hypo- and hyper-pigmentation caused by incorrect wavelengths.

To undergo the treatment, ocular shields must be inserted into the eyes. These shields are similar to metal contact lenses and safeguard the cornea against the laser beams. While wearing them may cause some discomfort, particularly for individuals unaccustomed to wearing lenses, they effectively protect the eyes. 

Does It Hurt?

Laser eyeliner tattoo removal can be an uncomfortable experience.

A local anesthetic is used to reduce pain, but due to the delicate nature of the eyelid area, you may experience some discomfort.

Fortunately, a session typically lasts around 15 minutes. 

What is the price?

Laser eyeliner tattoo removal is typically around $250 per session. It is common for individuals to require up to 8 sessions, resulting in the potential accumulation of expenses.

Eyeliner tattoo removal is more costly than laser eyebrow tattoo removal due to the specialised skill and equipment required. 

Is there any additional information that I should be aware of?

Two things. Laser eyeliner tattoo removal is only effective on tattoos that are at least six months old. If the tattoo is newer, the high pigment concentration in the skin can result in potential damage from the laser beam. Also, laser removal is ineffective for reddish or yellow pigments. Eyeliner tattoos are typically black; however, if you have a warm brownish eyeliner tattoo, it may be necessary to use a combination of removal methods.

Remove the saline eyeliner tattoo

Saline removal is a technique used for removing permanent makeup and is effective for all pigment colours.

How Does It Work?

Saline removal is used to extract pigments from the skin without lasers. It involves opening the skin above the unwanted pigments, utilising a machine or shading tool, and injecting a sterile saline solution into the cuts. The salt causes the pigments to dry up, and when the skin starts to heal, the scab that forms removes a certain amount of pigment.

Is It Efficient?

Saline permanent eyeliner removal is an effective method, but it requires patience. Typically, clients need 2-6 sessions to achieve satisfactory results.

Is It Safe?

Saline eyeliner tattoo removal carries the potential for permanent scarring due to the necessity of opening up the skin. However, this risk can be minimised with an experienced technician who applies the appropriate pressure. It is important to note that treating the delicate skin of the eyelids requires specialised skills.

Many technicians who perform brow PMU removal do not offer eyeliner tattoo removal. 

Does It Hurt?

Saline permanent makeup removal effectively reverses tattooing, using techniques similar to those in permanent makeup (PMU) application.

During a PMU session, local anesthetics are applied to minimise pain, though some discomfort is still possible. The procedure usually lasts about an hour, and having someone work around the eyes for this duration can be uncomfortable, primarily due to using needles.

However, it is generally agreed that this process is more tolerable than laser removal. 

What is the price?

The saline eyebrow tattoo removal typically costs approximately $300 for each session. It is essential to be aware that several sessions, usually around six, may be required, making this a significant financial investment.

Removing eyeliner tattoos is often more expensive than eyebrow tattoo removal due to the advanced skills required. 

Is there any additional information I should be aware of?

In addition, post-procedure, particularly after saline eyeliner tattoo removal, extensive scabbing might occur, leading to discomfort. It’s essential to refrain from touching these scabs, regardless of their severity.

The removal of partial eyeliner tattoos is available

If your permanent eyeliner has bled, it might not be necessary to remove it entirely. The eyelids’ skin is unique, and permanent eyeliner is prone to pigment migration, often at the outer corners, leading to a disordered look.

In such cases, partial eyeliner tattoo removal can be an option to correct the affected area. The previously discussed methods are applicable here, and you will probably need fewer sessions than complete removal. 

What is the healing process like for permanent eyeliner removal?

Following each removal session, your skin will experience a healing period comparable to the healing process after receiving an eyeliner tattoo.

After the procedure, the area may become swollen and reddish for the first two days. Scabs will then form and fall off, leading to a peeling period. It is essential to avoid touching the scabs.

The healing process typically takes longer than 14 days, as internal healing must occur before another removal session can occur. It is recommended to wait 6-8 weeks between each session to allow the tissue to recover fully. 

Post-treatment care for the removal of eyeliner tattoos

Regardless of your removal method, specific universal aftercare instructions should be followed.

After each permanent eyeliner removal session, it is recommended to follow these tips to avoid complications and achieve optimal results.

  • Maintaining cleanliness and dryness in the treated area for the first three days is essential. Follow the instructions provided by your removal technician for cleaning purposes.
  • After day 3, apply a moisturiser as the technician recommends to promote faster wound healing and reduce itching.
  • To prevent scarring, it is advised not to pick at scabs.
  • Refusing exposure to heat, hot water, excessive sweating, swimming, and direct sunlight is advised.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Avoid high-pressure water.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking. 

What are the potential risks of eyeliner tattoo removal?

Seeking treatment from a skilled and qualified technician minimises risks with these methods, though it’s crucial to note that they involve breaking the skin’s surface.

  • Scarring is a potential risk when removing permanent eyeliner. If not carefully executed, the technician might traumatise the skin, leading to permanent scars. Saline methods pose a greater risk as they require an instrument to penetrate the skin. Incorrect laser wavelengths can also lead to scarring.
  • Infections can occur if treatments are not performed under proper hygienic conditions. While many infections are mild, there’s a possibility of severe cases. Opting for certified professionals over uncertified, self-taught technicians is safer.
  • Allergic reactions to chemicals used in saline removal are a concern. Conducting a patch test before the procedure is advisable to check for allergies to the products used. 

It's essential to consider the following key points

There are three primary methods for removing permanent eyeliner, including laser and saline techniques.

The selection of a removal method should be based on the specific condition of your eyeliner tattoo. It’s advisable to arrange a consultation with a specialist in tattoo removal to evaluate the most appropriate method for your case.

Typically, the process requires multiple sessions to achieve complete removal. A 6 to 8 weeks healing period is usually necessary between these sessions. The average cost for each session, whether using laser or saline methods, typically ranges between $250 and $300.


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