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Tattoo Removal Cost

One of the most common inquiries pertains to the expense of erasing tattoos.

In Australia, adorning the body with tattoos is widespread, with about a quarter of the populace sporting at least one.

Unfortunately, the data also reveals that a minimum of 22% of people wish to get them erased.

There are several options on the market, yet laser removal of tattoos is deemed reliable and productive.

I am interested in finding out the price of eradicating tattoos.

This is the requisite information.

Some common reasons for considering tattoo removal are

  • Experiencing discontent with an old tattoo that no longer reflects your present beliefs.
  • Eliminating an item that carries unpleasant memories.
  • Removing a tattoo that fell short of your expectations regarding quality and professionalism.
  • Making room for a fresh piece of art.

Your rationale for seeking tattoo removal is entirely justified. It’s crucial to feel fully content with every piece of art on your body. Tattoo removal can aid you in achieving your body art goals.

Considering the expense of tattoo removal is vital to your decision-making process. Several elements influence its cost, but we aim to offer clear and straightforward pricing for our tattoo removal services. Read on to understand more about the costs associated with tattoo removal and the factors that may affect its price. 

What is laser tattoo removal?

Before delving into the cost of tattoo removal, comprehending the included services is vital.

Skin layers and tattoos

The skin is composed of three primary layers.

  • The epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin, is visible.
  • Beneath the epidermis lies the considerably thicker dermis.
  • The hypodermis is the deepest layer, consisting of subcutaneous fat.

When a tattoo is applied, the ink is placed on the epidermis and seeps into the dermis layer.

Laser tattoo removal operates by selectively targeting the pigment colours in the skin’s dermis.

The laser generates light beams that the tattoo pigments absorb, leading to their fragmentation into tiny pieces. The body’s immune system then absorbs and disposes of these pigment fragments.

The Q-switch laser is a prevalent choice for tattoo removal, available in various forms to target specific colours at different wavelengths.

Q-switch lasers are precise and powerful, swiftly shattering tattoo pigments while minimising damage.

It’s important to acknowledge that multiple sessions, usually four to six, are often necessary to thoroughly remove a tattoo with laser technology to ensure optimal results. 

What is the advised quantity of laser tattoo removal sessions?

The required number of sessions for laser tattoo removal varies based on several elements.

  • The size of your tattoo.
  • The colour of the tattoo;
  • Its location;
  • How your lifestyle influences your health.
  • Small areas need to be treated incrementally based on your skin’s sensitivity. 

What factors determine the cost of tattoo removal?

Numerous factors, such as the tattoo’s size, age, the degree of pigmentation, skin type, and other elements, play a role in determining the cost of tattoo removal. In your consultation, our clinic’s skilled laser tattoo removal technician will examine and assess these factors.

Tattoo removal is a progressive process that necessitates several sessions for complete fading. Each session generally lasts around 15 minutes, though the required number of sessions depends on the tattoo’s density.

Some tattoos are more straightforward to remove than others. Tattoos in areas with high blood flow, like the back, chest, and stomach, are more easily removed than those in lower circulation areas, such as fingers and toes. Additionally, age can influence the ease of removal. Younger individuals or those with more robust immune systems might observe quicker fading of their tattoos.

During a consultation with a recovery expert, various aspects of the tattoo removal process and their effect on the overall cost will be explored. The following are some of the factors that are taken into consideration. 

Tattoo Age

The age of a tattoo plays a part in how easily it can be removed. Older tattoos, which have less vibrant ink, require the removal of less physical ink from the skin.

Ink Quality

The type of ink tattoo artists use differs, influencing the ease of tattoo removal. The composition of ink includes diverse chemicals and products, affecting factors like ink penetration depth and pigmentation intensity.

Tattoo Size

As previously stated, the size of your tattoo determines the number of sessions needed for its removal. Smaller tattoos, covering a lesser area, need shorter removal time than larger ones.

Tattoo Color

Over time, the fading of tattoos may prompt removal. Notably, darker inks like yellow and pink are more accessible to remove than lighter inks.

Tattoo Location

Understanding the scientific factors involved is essential to grasp why tattoo removal is easier on specific body parts.

The tattoo machine injects ink into your skin, triggering a response from your immune system, which sends white blood cells. These cells eliminate some small particles, leaving behind larger ones that form your tattoo design in the dermis. Over time, these larger particles break down, causing your tattoo to fade.

Laser tattoo removal aids the immune system by fragmenting larger ink particles, making them small enough for white blood cells to carry away.

The location of your tattoo significantly influences how easily it can be removed. Tattoos nearer to lymph nodes, which produce blood cells, are removed more readily, while those farther away might need more sessions.

For example, a neck tattoo is close to throat lymph nodes. When a laser breaks down the ink particles in a neck tattoo, the white blood cells have a shorter distance to travel to absorb the smaller particles.

The duration for tattoo removal can vary based on its location. For instance, a tattoo on your neck may be removed faster than one on your foot, which is more distant from the immune system.

Price list for Tattoo Removal Institute

Name Duration Price
Laser Tattoo Removal – Small (50c piece size) 45 minutes A$85
Laser Tattoo Removal – Small (50c piece size) x 3 session 45 minutes A$229.50
Laser Tattoo Removal – Small (50c piece size) x 5 session 45 minutes A$361.25
Laser Tattoo Removal – Small (50c piece size) x 10 session 45 minutes A$680.00
Laser Tattoo Removal Medium (Palm Size) x 1 Session 45 minutes A$129.00
Laser Tattoo Removal Medium (Palm Size) x 3 Session (-10%) 45 minutes A$348.30
Laser Tattoo Removal Medium (Palm Size) x 5 Session (-15%) 45 minutes A$548.25
Laser Tattoo Removal Medium (Palm Size) x 10 Session (-20%) 45 minutes A$1,032.00
Laser Tattoo Removal Large (Hand Size) x 1 Session 45 minutes A$225.00
Laser Tattoo Removal Large (Hand Size) x 3 Session (-10%) 45 minutes A$607.50
Laser Tattoo Removal Large (Hand Size) x 5 Session (-15%) 45 minutes A$973.25
Laser Tattoo Removal Large (Hand Size) x 10 Session (-20%) 45 minutes A$1,800.00
Tattoo Remover – “Reverse Mineral” integrated system for pigment extraction 45 minutes $199.00
Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal x 1 Session 30 minutes A$175.00
Lip Laser Tattoo Removal x 1 Session 45 minutes A$175.00
Eyeliner Laser Tattoo Removal x 1 Session 45 minutes A$175.00

What are the benefits of choosing laser tattoo removal?

The expense of laser tattoo removal might be higher, yet there are justifications for its value.

Owing to advancements in laser and light-based technologies, the methods used in contemporary laser tattoo removal are:

  • much safer;
  • less invasive;
  • more efficacious;
  • and can result in minimal or no complications.

There are several alternatives for tattoo removal, such as tattoo removal creams. Nonetheless, the efficacy of these creams is scientifically limited, as they fail to reach the deeper skin layers.

Sometimes, the chemicals in “do-it-yourself” treatment kits might be potent enough to inflict lasting damage on the skin.

You should thoroughly evaluate your options before settling on a convenient approach. 

Important points to remember

Tattoo removal can be challenging.

Regrettably, it does come with a substantial price.

Now that you understand why and how it all works, you can comprehend the precise reasons for your payment: safety and effectiveness.

After a series of laser treatments, tattoos tend to fade significantly.

The number of sessions required for tattoo removal can vary depending on several factors, affecting the procedure’s overall cost.

You should consult a tattoo removal specialist who can assess your suitability for laser removal, estimate the number of sessions required, and provide an overall cost estimate.

The staff at the Tattoo Removal Institute are trained, experienced, and certified in administering laser and other dermatological procedures.

Additionally, we utilise advanced laser technology and techniques at competitive prices.

We aim to ensure your experience with us is comfortable and enjoyable.

If you are interested in scheduling a tattoo removal consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. 

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